Songwriting is something I was born to do. By 13 I was leaving the dots behind and writing songs by ear on my grandmothers piano. By the end of high school I had written around 200 songs, captured solely inside my head or some lyrics scribbled on paper. When I travelled to LA to study music I thought I had 'made it big', but my version of what constituted 'making it big' soon changed dramatically - (read the book Walk With You for that story) and the central figure of my childhood Catholic faith - Jesus Christ - became a new source of inspiration for my energy and creative output. Ever since it has been a wonderful and fulfilling journey to know and point others to the Giver of the gift, the Creator of the canvas. These songs speak about a part of my journey. I hope they speak something into your own.

songs inspired by spearhead

ARMOURBEARER was inspired by the story of Jonathan, son of King Saul in the bible (1 Samuel 14) and his faithful armourbearer who covered his back on a do or die mission, and who for me is the real unsung hero of the story. 

I think this has something to say to everyone of us who desires the courage to act, who need someone to 'go with us into battle' each day, or who just desperately wants to see something new happen in the Church that will turn the tide in our generation.

WILD MAN was inspired by the image of John the Baptist standing up in the river Jordan and calling 'the church' of his day to be renewed. The Church today once again needs 'wild men and women' to stand up in the river of their baptism and point the way forward.

Wild Man draws on my own experience of trying to follow Christ over 20 years, with all the failures and challenges involved. It is a particular rally call for men today who need to know that no matter how much they have fallen it is never to late to catch that fire again. And ladies, there is a verse dedicated just to you xo


Download or stream both songs using Bandcamp - a free music app that is easy-as to install onto your phone or tablet.


emmanuelworship songs

Below are a couple of songs I have recorded over the years with emmanuelworship, a Brisbane-based worship ministry I serve with and helped lead for over 10 years. The power band behind the national Ignite Conference, I highly recommend them as a source of contemporary Catholic worship renewal across the board. To download emmanuelworships music go to iTunes or visit

REGENERATE ME - lyrics             

I hear You calling out to me, my God                                           Your voice descending from a world outside                         Something like ‘I have called you, you are mine’                           And my soul rises like a wave inside, yeah... Read more


From the heights of heavens gates to the groan of prisoners chains
From the light of children’s eyes to the hearts that ache with pain
Praise comes...
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