Add the EBOOK to your Paperback for only $5. Accessible in Kindle and iBooks

Add the EBOOK to your Paperback for only $5. Accessible in Kindle and iBooks


Reshaping the Church to Engage the World

Spearhead is a personal manifesto written with the specific goal of challenging, inspiring and provoking new ways of thinking about the Catholic Church and its mission in the modern world. In his unique style, Pat Keady proposes a contagious vision for leaders, parents, teachers, young people and priests to lead the Church forward in a radical re-connection with culture in the world of the third millennium.

Inspired by the writing of Pope Francis and the vision that has shaped his own ministry, Spearhead is an exhortation to move forward in the ‘new evangelisation’ until that phrase is hopefully no longer necessary. Pat casts a vision of the Church as a fluid institution that speaks to the modern world, operates through grace over legalism, professes the good news of Jesus with contagious authenticity, overflows with young people and goes beyond itself to reach the world outside her borders - a church of missionary disciples – one which Jesus could identify as his own.  

Spearhead explores issues such as:

  • Music and culture

  • What was the message again?

  • Grace vs law

  • Power in the Spirit

  • Clergy and lay leadership

If you have a desire to help shape the Catholic Church of the future – whether in a small or significant way - this book is for you!


the Activity of Disciples

This book should be mandatory reading for any music minister, but it’s also for anyone who wants to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ. ... This book will affect why you go to Mass and what you do when you are there. It may mean you start to sing in Church, and it will definitely challenge you to live a life of worship – to give your whole life to God.
— Fr Chris Ryan MGL

Discover the secret power of worship as you have never heard it explained before. In these pages Pat Keady presents a radical vision where worship - rather than the exclusive domain of 'clever musical people' - is meant to be the activity of everyone who follows Christ.

Learn from Pats experience as a musician and worship leader, as he shares insights drawn from the scriptures and his own journey of discipleship. Discover the heart of David in the psalms, the secret of surrender and repentance, the 'river' of praise,  lessons from the Jewish temple, and the personally challenging link between worship and action.

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walk with you

 The Life Changing Journey of a Young Catholic

I’d grown up as a Catholic, knowing that ‘God was there’ – somewhere - but recently different experiences and people were beginning to challenge me to dig further, to pull apart what I thought I already had all together...

Walk With You is the true story of Pat Keady, ‘your average teenage guy’ growing up in a small, Australian country town whose love for music takes him on an adventure across the world. In this book Pat shares the lessons of life and faith that he learned along the way. Girls, parties, parents, music, sex, church, peer pressure, career and God are all wrapped together in this laid-back and funny story of one young Catholic’s search for the meaning and purpose of life.

While travelling overseas Pat questions and leaves the Catholic Church he grew up with as a kid, only to be surprised by a freak encounter on the streets of Dublin. For every young person who’s ever wondered ‘Is there a God and if he’s real, show me’, take a walk with Pat as he shares here his discovery of a spiritual power he never realised was there all along. 

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Charismatic Worship

A Gift for the Whole Church

In this short Booklet discover what all the fuss is behind 'charismatic worship' - what it really is and what it isn't - where it comes from, it's role in the Church, how the Saints of history understood it, and the radical spiritual renewal underlying it which Pope Francis described as "a current of grace for the whole Church".

Includes a step by step, no frills guide on how to pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit.