"The time has come to proclaim the kingdom of God like an arrow flying into the darkness, to plough deeply into the human lives placed on earth around us and to chart the course for a bold new journey"

Spearhead is a personal manifesto written with the specific goal of challenging, inspiring and provoking new ways of thinking about the Catholic Church and its mission in the modern world. In his unique style, Pat Keady proposes a contagious vision for leaders, parents, teachers, young people and priests to lead the Church forward in a radical re-connection with culture in the world of the third millennium.

Inspired by the writing of Pope Francis and the vision that has shaped his own ministry, Spearhead is an exhortation to move forward in the ‘new evangelisation’ until that phrase is hopefully no longer necessary. Pat casts a vision of the Church as a fluid institution that speaks to the modern world, operates through grace over legalism, professes the good news of Jesus with contagious authenticity, overflows with young people and goes beyond itself to reach the world outside her borders - a church of missionary disciples – one which Jesus could identify as his own.  

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Pat Keady is a Catholic author, speaker, worshipper, songwriter and renewal leader. Husband to Kym and proud dad of three emerging adults, Pat is Moderator of the Emmanuel Community in Brisbane, the ‘home for mission’ where he helped to pioneer ministries such as emmanuelworship and Ignite Youth.

Pat has written three books drawing on his passion for Jesus Christ and renewal in the Spirit: 

  • Walk With You - the Life-changing Journey of a Young Catholic

  • Worship - the Activity of Disciples

  • Spearhead - Reshaping the Church to Engage the World